Packing Checklist

We supply nearly everything necessary for your expedition with us. You will only need to bring your clothes and a few personal items.

We supply all the kayaking, safety, camping, and cooking gear for a great trip, including rubber boots, raingear, and sleeping bags!  You just need to bring a few changes of warm clothes and a few accessories.

What you will need to bring:

While some of the items in the packing list are strictly optional, others are essential for your comfort and safety.

In order to fit both you and your gear into your kayak

Ready to go

comfortably, plan on packing your clothing into a waterproof dry bag which is 24″ x 9″ in diameter. We’ll provide these bags.  You should also bring a daypack (small backpack or fanny pack), for miscellaneous articles. Your day pack should be small enough to fit comfortably on your lap or between your legs while paddling. We also provide a small dry bag which can be kept handy throughout the trip for those often used items (binoculars, small camera, hat, glasses, etc.). This dry bag can be kept inside the kayak or clipped to the outside deck for easy access.

We will provide storage for any luggage you cannot take on the expedition.

Packing List

Clothing.  Be sure to bring enough warm clothes. Thermal underwear is highly recommended.

Dress in layers for maximum flexibility. Bring an extra layer you do not really think you will need.


The equipment you bring always fills the space available for it! If it doesn’t fit in your daypack or dry bags, you can leave it in Gustavus.



My trip with Spirit Walker Expeditions was amazing. My experience kayaking among the whales is something I will never forget! Go! You will love it.

Mandy L, visited Sept, 2015

We had a wonderful experience on a Spirit Walker trip this summer. Six nights, seven days in the Myriad Islands Wilderness. The trip was well organized, the gear was top quality and the guides were great! ... an experience I'll always remember.

Walt G, visited July, 2016

Hearing the whales and having them come up so close to you is a once in a lifetime feeling.

Jill T. August 2012

We booked the Whales tour to Point Adolphus for our family which includes a 6 year old and 9 year old... Great safety orientation for our boys who don't have a lot of experience kayaking. Thanks for an unforgettable experience.

Jonathan R, visited July 2016

It doesn't get any better than this. If you want to experience the real Alaska you must get out on the water... If we return to Alaska, we will make this expedition again.

Ernie B, visited August 2013

"Magic Family Holiday" I can't say enough about the wonderful trips that Spirit Walker puts together. The safety and equipment is great. The guides are great fun and knowledgeable about the areas we went. The food is incredible.

NIcondit, Visited August, 2015