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Whales Classic
3-day / 2-night Family Expedition

Our longest running and most popular whale watching adventure!

Our Whales Classic trip begins and ends in Gustavus, Alaska, a small town rich in homesteader tradition and full of wildlife sightings as it is at the entrance to Glacier Bay National Park.

Point Adolphus on Chichagof Island, directly across from the nutrient rich waters of Glacier Bay, is a world-famous location for watching 50-ton humpback whales as they gather and feed in the shallows right off shore. From your kayak and from our wilderness campsite, you will observe this awesome spectacle.

Father and daughter kayaking

Father and daughter whale watching from their kayak.

We’ll also have the chance to look for orca, Steller sea lions, harbor seals, sea otters, bald eagles and much more. On shore you will enjoy delicious meals and have a chance to hike through a lush 10,000 year old temperate rainforest on the Tongass National Forest.

Breaching humpback whale in Icy Strait

Breaching humpback whale in Icy Strait

Whales Classic tinerary:

Day 1:

Start with a boat ride across Icy Strait to Point Adolphus. This is a great moment to take in the richness of the area as we look out for humpbacks and watch sea otters feeding in the kelp beds, or listen out for the unmistakable call of the bald eagle as they feed from the ocean’s edge.

Eager to dive into the adventure, we will set up camp and start gearing up! After a thorough safety briefing on shore, we will paddle and drift in the currents as we watch for whales, and keep our eyes open for other marine life as well as anything that may walk out of the forest to feed along the shoreline, such as brown bears and Sitka black-tailed deer.

As you lie in your tent at night, you will fall asleep to the profound exhalation of the humpbacks feeding near the shore.

kayakers and eagle in Alaska

Observing both juvenile and adult bald eagles fishing for salmon

Day 2:

The second day is spent paddling, hiking, and exploring some of the most dynamic habitats in Southeast Alaska.

The unique underwater topography, oceanography and its large tidal fluctuations make Point Adolphus a veritable buffet line for large concentrations of bald eagles, sea lions, sea birds, and of course whales.

We may paddle through schools of herring and salmon as we make our way to one of our favorite hiking spots for some old-growth forest and muskeg exploration.

Family blueberry picking in the muskeg of Chichagof Island

Family blueberry picking in the muskeg of Chichagof Island

Day 3:

We pack up our tents and sleeping bags before hitting the water.

After a good breakfast, we will launch the kayaks and spend our morning paddling the shoreline sharing our final moments with our favorite marine mammals that we have gotten to know over the last few days.

Anchoring ourselves in the kelp beds like sea otters, we will watch out for any wildlife that comes our way. We hope for some final views of humpback whales and will respectfully watch these mighty animals feed as they prepare for the long migration south – they won’t eat again until returning to Alaska in the spring.

Sea otters are part of the abundant wildlife present in Southeast Alaska

Sea otters are part of the abundant wildlife present in Southeast Alaska

***This is a sample itinerary. Daily activities may vary due to factors which can include changing weather, tides, ocean conditions and wildlife.***

Fairweather sunset

Fairweather sunset

What’s included?

Kayakers at Point Adolphus

A curious sea lion

Covid-19 Considerations

We are all looking forward to our next vacation right now and what better place to safely keep that six foot distance than in the vast open spaces of the Last Frontier?

Our little town of Gustavus (population 450) has ensured only the best for our visitors, placing all of the necessary CDC protocols into effect for your family (as well as ours) to stay safe during your special Alaskan getaway.

The kids will still be able to marvel at the orcas and humpback whales in Icy Strait, and you will be able to relax in your kayak as you float free of worry and away from crowds.


2021 dates:

07/01/2021 – 07/03/2021

07/08/2021 – 07-10-2021

07/14/2021 – 07/16/2021

08/06/2021 – 08/08/2021


$1429 / person

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Family trip in Alaska - Kayaking with Spirit Walker Expeditions

Kayaking with Spirit Walker Expeditions is fun for the whole family!

Why go with Spirit Walker?

We are a local, guide-owned and operated business with over 30 years of experience leading sea kayaking trips to the humpback whale feeding grounds at Point Adolphus.

These are our most popular expeditions and we have been guiding them longer than any other kayaking company in Southeast Alaska.

Having pioneered this guided adventure, we take great pride in making sure we remain the leaders in offering the safest and most sustainable paddling trips to this unique area.

With the most experienced guides, the highest quality equipment, and an unrivaled dedication to operating the best trips to Point Adolphus, we invite you to join us for the adventure!

Family trip in Alaska with Spirit Walker Expeditions

Family trip in Alaska with Spirit Walker Expeditions

What our guests are saying…

We spent 17 days in Alaska, and the three days that we were kayaking with whales was the best part of the entire trip. The location was beautiful, the equipment was outstanding, the whales were incredible beyond words.


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My trip with Spirit Walker Expeditions was amazing. My experience kayaking among the whales is something I will never forget! Go! You will love it.

Mandy L, visited Sept, 2015

We had a wonderful experience on a Spirit Walker trip this summer. Six nights, seven days in the Myriad Islands Wilderness. The trip was well organized, the gear was top quality and the guides were great! ... an experience I'll always remember.

Walt G, visited July, 2016

Hearing the whales and having them come up so close to you is a once in a lifetime feeling.

Jill T. August 2012

We booked the Whales tour to Point Adolphus for our family which includes a 6 year old and 9 year old... Great safety orientation for our boys who don't have a lot of experience kayaking. Thanks for an unforgettable experience.

Jonathan R, visited July 2016

It doesn't get any better than this. If you want to experience the real Alaska you must get out on the water... If we return to Alaska, we will make this expedition again.

Ernie B, visited August 2013

"Magic Family Holiday" I can't say enough about the wonderful trips that Spirit Walker puts together. The safety and equipment is great. The guides are great fun and knowledgeable about the areas we went. The food is incredible.

NIcondit, Visited August, 2015