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Start your 2021 vacation from the beautiful town of Gustavus, the gateway to Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve

We know some fresh air could do you some good… and so do you!

That’s why here in the small town of Gustavus we have been working hard to ensure that your escape to the great Alaskan wilderness is filled with nothing but the open spaces and friendly faces you’re looking for.

You won’t have to worry about crowds or lines, just which adventure you will choose.

George Point

A Spirit Walker Expeditions guide at George Point

Experience some of the best sea kayaking in Alaska on one of our guided expeditions:

Whales Classic Trip

Our longest running and most popular whale watching adventure!

Our Whales Classic 3-day trip begins and ends in Gustavus, Alaska, a small town rich in homesteader tradition and full of wildlife sightings as it is at the entrance to Glacier Bay National Park.

Point Adolphus on Chichagof Island, directly across from the nutrient rich waters of Glacier Bay, is a world-famous location for watching 50-ton humpback whales as they gather and feed in the shallows right off shore. From your kayak and from our wilderness campsite, you will observe this awesome spectacle.

Orca jumping out of water Gustavus AK

Breaching orca at Point Adolphus

2021 dates:

07/01/2021 – 07/03/2021

07/08/2021 – 07-10-2021

07/14/2021 – 07/16/2021

08/06/2021 – 08/08/2021


$1429 / person

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Father and daughter kayaking

Father and daughter whale watching from their kayak.

Myriad Islands Expedition

A great trip for newcomers to experience the true Alaskan wilderness and return travelers who want to explore more of our beautiful area.

Our Myriad Islands Expedition takes place on the outer, western coast of Chichagof Island. It is a truly remote destination with opportunities for paddling in protected “inside” waters, as well as among the outer islands along the Gulf of Alaska.

You really get the feeling of being on the edge of a continent, in one of Alaska’s most remote wilderness and kayaking destinations.

What makes this expedition extra special:

Myriad Islands Expedition - Spirit Walker Expeditions

The calm waters of a remote cove in West Chichagof-Yakobi Island Wilderness Area

2021 Date & Price:

06/15/2021 – 06/21/2021 ($3259 / person)

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Bear sighting on Myriad Islands Expedition

Bear sighting on Myriad Islands Expedition

Glacier Bay Expeditions

Experience world-famous Glacier Bay National Park away from the crowds, paddling and hiking where large cruise ships never venture.

Paddle under the shadows of the McBride or John’s Hopkins Glaciers, experience wilderness solitude, watch for bears and other wildlife, and kayak amongst sapphire blue icebergs.

We offer two options to explore Glacier Bay – the East Arm and West Arm itineraries.

Glacier Bay National Park - West Arm

Glacier Bay National Park – West Arm

Glacier Bay – West Arm

Duration: Four days / Three nights

Total Mileage: Between 17 and 27 miles (3 to 9 miles per day)

Slightly shorter than the East Arm itinerary, Glacier Bay’s West Arm expedition has equally stunning scenery, active tidewater glaciers and great wildlife viewing opportunities.

Kayakers on Glacier Bay West Arm trip

Enjoying the fresh air and remote wilderness of Glacier Bay’s West Arm.

2021 Dates & Prices:

06/29/2021 – 07/02/2021 ($2099 / person)

07/31/2021 – 08/03/2021 ($2099 / person)

08/10/2021 – 08/16/2021 ($2699 / person) *7-Days/6-Nights itinerary

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Paddling back to camp set up under the hanging Topeka Glacier

Glacier Bay – East Arm

Duration: 6 days, 5 nights

Total Mileage: Between 33 and 45 miles (5 to 15 miles per day)

The less visited East Arm is renowned for its temperate glaciers; the luminous icebergs of McBride Inlet; an abundance of wildlife which includes brown and black bears, mountain goats, moose, humpback whales, sea otters, and Steller sea lions; as well as an opportunity to follow in the adventurous footsteps of John Muir in search of wilderness and solitude.

Kayaking on the East Arm of Glacier Bay

McBride Inlet

2021 Dates:

06/07/2021 – 06/12/2021

06/12/2021 – 06/17/2021

07/07/2021 – 07/12/2021


$2499 / person

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Some of the places we pass by on this beautiful Alaskan glacier kayaking trip:

Kayaking in Glacier Bay National Park

Kayaking in front of Carroll and Muir Glaciers in the Muir Inlet. Once tidewater they have retreated so far back they are now considered valley glaciers.

George Point Alaska

George Point

A Steller sea lion haul out on the Marble Islands

A Steller sea lion haul out on the Marble Islands

Coastal brown bear at base of Muir Glacier

Coastal brown bear at base of Muir Glacier

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What’s included in our trips?

Why go with Spirit Walker?

We are a local, guide-owned and operated business with over 30 years of experience leading sea kayaking trips to the humpback whale feeding grounds at Point Adolphus.

These are our most popular expeditions and we have been guiding them longer than any other kayaking company in Southeast Alaska.

Having pioneered this guided adventure, we take great pride in making sure we remain the leaders in offering the safest and most sustainable paddling trips to this unique area.

With the most experienced guides, the highest quality equipment, and an unrivaled dedication to operating the best trips to Point Adolphus, we invite you to join us for the adventure!

Safety Precautions

We’re all looking forward to our next vacation right now and what better place to safely keep that 6 foot distance than in the vast open spaces of the Last Frontier?

Our little town of Gustavus (population 450) has ensured only the best for our visitors, placing all of the necessary CDC protocols into effect for your family (as well as ours) to stay safe during your special Alaskan getaway.



My trip with Spirit Walker Expeditions was amazing. My experience kayaking among the whales is something I will never forget! Go! You will love it.

Mandy L, visited Sept, 2015

We had a wonderful experience on a Spirit Walker trip this summer. Six nights, seven days in the Myriad Islands Wilderness. The trip was well organized, the gear was top quality and the guides were great! ... an experience I'll always remember.

Walt G, visited July, 2016

Hearing the whales and having them come up so close to you is a once in a lifetime feeling.

Jill T. August 2012

We booked the Whales tour to Point Adolphus for our family which includes a 6 year old and 9 year old... Great safety orientation for our boys who don't have a lot of experience kayaking. Thanks for an unforgettable experience.

Jonathan R, visited July 2016

It doesn't get any better than this. If you want to experience the real Alaska you must get out on the water... If we return to Alaska, we will make this expedition again.

Ernie B, visited August 2013

"Magic Family Holiday" I can't say enough about the wonderful trips that Spirit Walker puts together. The safety and equipment is great. The guides are great fun and knowledgeable about the areas we went. The food is incredible.

NIcondit, Visited August, 2015